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Hypertension services offered in Riverside, CA

One in three American adults have hypertension (high blood pressure) and are at risk for ongoing health complications. At Alertive Healthcare Medical Group, the experienced physicians provide comprehensive diagnostic testing and treatment services for hypertension to prevent heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. The providers customize care plans using lifestyle changes, diet improvements, and medications to stabilize your blood pressure and keep it well-controlled. Call the Riverside, California, office to schedule a hypertension screening or book an appointment online today. 

Hypertension Q&A

What is hypertension?

Hypertension describes elevated blood pressure levels that put you at risk for heart disease, heart attack, and other serious health complications.

Your blood pressure levels measure the force of your blood against your artery walls. When the pressure is too high, it can damage the vessels. Hypertension also forces your heart to work harder to pump blood to the rest of your body.

Alertive Healthcare Medical Group offers comprehensive hypertension care for adults aged 20 and up, including diagnostic testing services and customized treatment plans. The providers address both types of hypertension, including:

Primary hypertension

Primary hypertension describes high blood pressure that develops gradually over time for no identifiable reason.

Secondary hypertension 

Secondary hypertension is high blood pressure that results from underlying conditions like kidney disease and obstructive sleep apnea. You can also develop secondary hypertension when using certain cold medicines, birth control, or pain relievers.

How do I know if I have hypertension?

Unfortunately, hypertension is known as a silent killer because you can have the condition for years without experiencing any symptoms. Symptoms typically develop only when the condition is advanced and blood vessel or heart damage occurs.

You can monitor your blood pressure levels at home with a blood pressure cuff. The Alertive Healthcare Medical Group also offers comprehensive physical exams, including routine blood pressure checks.

Schedule a routine physical at least once a year if you’re otherwise healthy. If you have risk factors for hypertension, you may need more frequent blood pressure checks. These risk factors include:

  • Smoking
  • Weight challenges
  • Family history
  • High-salt, high-fat diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Kidney disease or other chronic illness

Excessive stress can also contribute to hypertension.

How is hypertension treated?

Your treatment plan for hypertension may start with lifestyle and diet changes that naturally lower your blood pressure levels.

The Alertive Healthcare Medical Group providers can recommend exercises and foods to manage hypertension. The physicians can also provide mindfulness resources that help you manage stress at work and home.

If these changes aren’t enough, you may need medications that help relax your blood vessels so that blood can flow more efficiently.

You can expect to need routine blood pressure checks in the office and monitor your pressure levels at home to lower your risk for heart disease and other complications. The providers can also meet you online during telehealth visits to monitor your treatment progress.

Call the Alertive Healthcare Medical Group office to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for hypertension or book an appointment online today.